A panther for your parlour

A panther for your parlourtheBombay640
The Patrician Cattery is proud to announce the Bombay breed in British Columbia Canada. We supply mainly the western part of Canada and parts of the US with beautiful Bombay kittens.

The rare and exotic Bombay breed is an exceptionally attractive short-hair with a satin-like texture that shimmers like black patent leather sheen with adorning “copper colored eyes”

The Bombay is affectionate, dominant, intelligent, social and somewhat demanding. This breed truly makes a wonderful and devoted pet and gets along well with other pets including dogs!

The Bombay parents are registered with “The Cat Fanciers’ Association” . Kittens are sold as pets and not for breeding.

Should you have any further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact
thepatriciancattery@gmail.com or 604-655-4340.